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Capture and Convert
Your Leads Simply

LoanTek offers everything you need to manage, price, message, and measure your conversion rates on your leads at unbeatable prices. The most comprehensive solution on the market comes with all of the services you need to effect a successful online origination platform.

Realtime Leads from Zillow,
LendingTree, and More!

Nothing beats exclusive leads that already know why they’re reaching out to do business with you. Let LoanTek connect you to strategic domain - the websites that your next customer is shopping on and looking for you!

For Loan Officers &
Branch Managers

Affordable solutions for lending teams of any scale – that’s LoanTek’s area of expertise! LoanTek builds pipelines, creates scalable origination platforms, and partners with our customers for success.

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LoanTek’s pricing engine solution comes bundled with every lead management and CRM tool you need. If you want your pricing engine solution to help originate new loans; if you want to have access to software that is vital to consumer direct mortgage origination, then you want LoanTek!

LoanTek offers:
Best Execution Pricing and Automated Quoting Mobile Web and Customizable Website Pricing Solutions Lead Management, CRM, Email Marketing, Automated Telephone Connection Incomparable dashboards that help you understand what is driving your bottom line

LoanTek provides lenders with exclusive and scalable online mortgage origination - Everything else, comparatively speaking, is just another pricing engine.

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    LoanTek is a solution priced for the individual mortgage professional and scalable to entire organizations. We offer enterprise solutions to mortgage companies, consumer direct divisions, and loan originators alike. LoanTek lenders save money on LoanTek’s bundled application - as compared to acquiring and managing the individual services from multiple providers. This savings translates into a better ROI for our clients and maintains customer loyalty without punitive contracts.

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    As a loan originator we know you don’t have time or money to waste. At LoanTek we help you focus on one simple task – originating your next loan. Contact LoanTek today and let LoanTek put the most powerful loan origination suite in your hands.

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    Growing a branch can be a daunting task and LoanTek can help. Putting high quality leads into your branch is a great way to grow your sales staff and recruit new loan officers. When those loan officers share those with your referral partners you create a cycle of growth that will sustain your branch for years to come. Contact LoanTek and ask our lender support unit how we can help grow your branch and give your loan officers the tools they need to thrive.

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    As an executive making a purchase decision we understand that ‘making a change’ requires a compelling value proposition - LoanTek’s bundled service suite offers the industry’s most compelling value proposition. LoanTek features an easy to use rules based pricing engine, allowing overlays and comp rules to be applied effortlessly. Branch managers and Loan Officers receive pricing results in a complimentary web based application that offers a full suite of marketing tools to help them grow and sustain strong pipelines. Perhaps of equal importance – LoanTek offers these services at rates well below our competitors. Make the change to LoanTek and see why ‘Everything Else Is Just A Pricing Engine’.

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    Customers & Partners

    At LoanTek we don’t brag about the having the best mortgage software platform - we let our customers brag about the success they have using LoanTek.

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